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Established in 1976, APSN is a social service agency providing special education for our community with mild intellectual disability (IQ 50-70). Today, APSN operates four Special Education (SPED) Schools (APSN Chaoyang School, APSN Katong School, APSN Tanglin School and APSN Delta Senior School) for students aged 7 to 21, an APSN Student Care Centre for children aged 7 to 18 and an APSN Centre for Adults for persons aged 16 and older, benefiting over 1,200 beneficiaries each year.

The APSN Schools and Centres adopt a holistic approach in its curriculum, comprising academic, vocational and social skills, which are important for open employment and lifelong learning. APSN seeks to enable persons with special needs to be active contributors of the society and is committed to inspire and build capabilities of its partners and community to lead and advocate an inclusive society.

To date, APSN’s growing database has more than 5,000 beneficiaries, comprising students, trainees and alumni. APSN is constantly expanding its network to reach out to and understand the needs of its members to better support them.

Our Location

APSN Education Services Ltd.

Address: 900 New Upper Changi Road, Singapore 467354
Phone: 65 6479 6252



Address: 11 Jalan Ubi Block 2 #02-12 Singapore 409074
Phone: 65 6479 6252

APSN 40th Anniversary Dinner & Dance 2016

APSN 40th Anniversary Dinner & Dance 2016

APSN Board members cutting the cake in celebration of APSN’s 40th Anniversary

APSN Board members cutting the cake in celebration of APSN’s 40th Anniversary

The APSN 40th Anniversary Dinner and Dance was held at the One Farrer Hotel on Thursday, 4 September 2016.  Organized by Katong School, the theme was “Sparkling 40″ to commemorate APSN’s 40 years journey. 

Everyone came in their most sparkling and dazzling costumes. Dr Victor Tay, our newly elected President, addressed the crowd and spoke of the success that APSN has achieved in its 40 years. He also spoke of the plans that he hope APSN would strive for in the next 40 years to come.

 The highlight of the night was the Kahoot games, ‘Is that U?!’ and ‘So U Know our History?!’ that brought the whole APSN together. Each table challenged each other’s ability to guess the staff showcased on the screens and the history of APSN. The Dazzling Couple competition also caused a huge stir as participants from each school, centre and HQ competed to win the BEST Dazzling couple award by showing off their best dance moves. The dinner then commenced with the presentation of Long Service Awards, to both Staff and Volunteers.  Staff received their Awards with cash bonuses from APSN, whereas the volunteers on APSN Management received their awards (no cash !) from the National Council of Social Service (NCSS). The night closed with a magic show performance and with the whole of APSN grouping at the dance floor singing off together to end the night.

It was overall an enjoyable night to be remembered!


The Awardees are:-

5 Years

1 Seah Eng Siong CFA
2 Sim Lee See CFA
3 Lam Bing Ling CYS
4 Nur Rasyiqin Binti Andi Satria CYS
5 Khairunisah Binte Kassim DSS
6 Ng Julyn DSS
7 Siow WeiQi DSS
8 Lim Fong How Rick HQ
9 Bhuvaneswari d/o Govindasamy KS
10 Lin Mingli Joyce KS
11 Nur Haliza Bte Halik KS
12 Poh Jie Ying KS
13 Risiya Sangar Sharmala KS
14 Tay Wan Ting KS


15 Adornie Schaeffer De La Rosa Remocaldo TS
16 Edgardo Feljohn Jr Reveche Acogido TS
17 Kwah Peng Siong TS
18 Nur Jannah Binte Ahmad Safi’ee TS
19 Soh Teng Teng Doreen TS
20 Stanley Neo Pei Qiang TS
21 Wee Kok Poh Winston TS


10 Years

22 Li Chia Hui Philip CFA
23 Lim Helen KS
24 Lai Chen Ning Kenneth TS
25 Ho Lai Mern TS
26 Teo Lay Heong Jennifer TS
27 Wong Wai Sian TS
28 Bay Lee Meng Philip TS
29 Yip Mui Kheng Lily TS


15 Years

30 Kalah d/o Ramasamy CYS
31 Yong Lee Fong KS


20 years

32 Choo Pee Ling KS
33 Suhaidah Bte Sulaiman TS


25 Years

34 Low Kam Fong Doris CYS


NCSS Long Service (Volunteers)

 5 years:

1) Mr Winston Wong

2) Ms Seet Chor Hoon

3) Mr Tan Cheen Chong


Dr Victor Tay (APSN President) with APSN Principals, Vice-President, CEO and Deputy CEO

Dr Victor Tay (APSN President) with APSN Principals, Vice-President, CEO and Deputy CEO

NCSS Long Service awardees

NCSS Long Service awardees

The Dazzling Couple competition

The Dazzling Couple competition

The whole of APSN coming together to end the night

The whole of APSN coming together to end the night

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