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Delta Senior School

Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) Programme

The Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) is a national credential system that trains, develops, assesses and certifies skills and competencies for the workforce. As a continuing education and training (CET) system, WSQ supports the SkillsFuture movement to:

  • Promote recognition of skills and competencies to facilitate progression, mastery and mobility
  • Promote holistic development of the workforce through technical and generic skills and competencies;
  • Support economic development by professionalising skills and competencies to drive industry transformation, productivity and innovation efforts and
  • Encourage lifelong learning.

Training programmes developed under the WSQ system are based on skills and competencies validated by employers, unions and professional bodies. The WSQ programmes are funded and quality-assured by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), which awards the WSQ certifications. APSN DSS is an Approved Training Organisation
(ATO) with SSG since 2008.

Every student who qualifies for the certification track at APSN DSS will have the opportunity to attempt and obtain the Statements of Attainment (SOA) for all the modules offered in one of the following four WSQ vocational training programmes provided at APSN DSS:

  • Hotel and Accommodation Services
  • Food & Beverage
  • Retail Operations
  • Horticulture

Students are assigned to one of the four vocational training programmes based on a rigorous profiling process conducted by staff (trainers, psychologists, social workers and occupational therapists) with the aim of preparing them for a career in the industry that suits their strengths and skills.

APSN DSS has put in place the following framework of progressive periods of work attachment to facilitate students’ transition from school to work. The maximum age for students to complete the WSQ programme is 21 years old.

Year 1 & 2School – Based Vocational Training

Year 3
150 Hours of On-Site Training (OST)

600 Hours of Work Experience Programme (WEP)

Year 4

48 Weeks of Work Experience Programme (WEP) 2

Year 5

48 Weeks of Work Experience Programme (WEP) 3

This programme is only for students who require the extra runway to complete the training in their respective vocational programmes.

Food & Beverage

Students in the Food & Beverage programme will be placed in one of the specialisation areas – Culinary Arts, F&B Service or Pastry and Baking – based on an internal assessment by the trainers at the end of Term 1 / Year 1. As part of the programme, students will be awarded Statements of Attainment (SOA) for completing each of the following modules within their areas of specialisation.

Hotel and Accommodation Services

Students in the Hotel and Accommodation Services programme will be awarded Statement of Attainment (SOA) for completing each of the following modules. As part of the programme, students will receive training in multiple areas of housekeeping work involving the cleaning of public areas, performing tasks in the laundry room, servicing guest rooms in a hotel setting. Apart from the above, they will also be trained in handling guest’s feedback effectively and other areas in a typical Housekeeping setting including the role of a Housekeeping Coordinator. Selected students will be exposed to the area of Bell Service Delivery.

Retail Operations

Students in the Retail Operations programme will be awarded Statements of Attainment (SOA) for completing each of the following modules. As part of the programme, students will receive training in performing tasks within various contexts to prepare them for work in retail outlets and warehouses.


Students in the Horticulture programme will be awarded Statement of Attainment (SOA) for completing each of the following modules. As part of the programme, students will receive training in performing tasks to support and execute horticulture, turf and general landscape work in landscape settings.

LEAD Programme

The LEAD Programme provides a progressive competency-based curriculum that covers various aspects of students’ development. This includes life-skills development through vocational training and other key learning areas to develop students to be competent in terms of knowledge, skills and character. The key learning areas of the LEAD Programme are as follows:

The literacy curriculum is designed to prepare our students with a range of transferrable skills and knowledge essential for personal and job success. Students are provided opportunities to read, listen, speak, and write texts for a range of purposes in the workplace and in daily living situations.

The Workplace Literacy (WPL) test helps to validate the competency of students’ literacy skills. These skills are significant for students to sustain their employment, career advancement, as well as skills upgrading through lifelong learning. The curriculum also prepares students for the 21st century workplace by equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to develop personal effectiveness and communication skills.

The Numeracy Curriculum is designed to equip every student with numeracy skill sets that are required at their future workplaces as well as in their personal lives. The numeracy curriculum includes the “I’M Ready For Life” programme, which adopts a multi-pronged approach to incorporate the numeracy knowledge, skills and attributes identified under the SPED Living, Learning & Working outcomes.

Numeracy lessons are made relevant and students get multiple platforms to apply the skills learnt in authentic setting. In addition, the “I’M Digital Plus” programme in the numeracy curriculum provides basic digital training to help students navigate the digital environment with ease, so that they can enjoy the convenience and benefits that technology brings to their daily lives.

Student Character Development
The Student Character Development (SCD) curriculum serves to nurture students with good values, sound character, and the ability to serve the community. The key programmes of SCD are Personal Management (PM), Service Learning (SL) and National Education (NE). In addition, the Healthy & Safe Relationship course is offered to selected students.

In Personal Management lessons, students learn the importance of self-regulation and how to manage their emotions to ensure personal and social well-being. Service Learning develops students to be socially responsible citizens who contribute to the best of their ability to the community. National Education aims to provide opportunities for students to take pride in our national identity, have a sense of belonging to Singapore and be committed to nation-building. They learn to value Singapore’s socio-cultural diversity, and live in harmony and care for others.

Fitness and Health
Through a number of platforms, the Fitness & Health (FH) department seeks to inculcate in students, the skills needed to lead dignified, fulfilling and independent lives. This is achieved through building up the students’ skills in:

• Self-Care, e.g. Nutrition Management, First Aid, Sports Safety
• Character Development, e.g. Sportsmanship, Teamwork
• 21st Century soft skills, e.g. Problem-Solving, Collaboration
• Community Integration, e.g. Use of Public Fitness facilities

Job Support Unit
The Job Support Unit team takes a progressive approach to support students to become dignified and contributing graduates.

Employer Relations
1) Establish and maintain relationships with employer partners
2) Conduct school tours for employer partners
3) Manage student employment-related concerns
4) Main point of contact with employers at the HR level

Job Coaching
1) Provide on-site job coaching.
2) Act as a liaison between employers and student.
3) Educate employers through workshops.
4) Create person-centred intervention strategies for students.
5) Conduct vocational and site assessment.

Allied Professionals (AP)
The Allied Professionals (AP) team comprises of Speech and Language Therapists, Psychologists, Social Workers and Occupational Therapists, who provides goal-directed individual and group intervention programmes specifically tailored to the students’ overall functionality and job sustainability.

Other Services of the AP team
1) Employer Education
2) CARE Kit Training
3) Group Work
4) Vocational Profiling
5) Student/ Family Engagement Programme
6) Festive Celebration cum Family Bonding Workshop
7) Site Assessment
8) Ergonomics Workshop
Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)

It is compulsory for all students to have a CCA and our CCAs are conducted on Thursdays. Every CCA provides opportunities for students to serve as CCA leaders or take part in community events. Should students decide to change their CCA after the first year, they can put forth a request to their PDM at the start of Year 2/3 by completing a requisite form, which is subjected to approval. The list of
CCAs offered in APSN Delta Senior School is as follows:

Sports CCA

  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Bowling
  • Floorball
  • Soccer
  • Table Tennis

Arts CCA

  • Creative Arts
  • Dance
  • IT club
  • Percussion
  • Circus Arts
Standards of Work Performance (SWP)

The Standards of Work Performance (SWP) lists out the important vocational related behaviours and skills that all students must acquire to be successful in employment. The training and assessment of the behaviours and skills within the SWP are carried out on a daily basis for all students in all areas of behaviour, across all key learning areas. The school will work with the home (parents or caregivers) to provide immediate feedback and intervention measures to students as to whether they have been performing to expectation.

Five Key Domains of SWP

  • Attendance and Punctuality
  • Dress and Hygiene
  • Relating with Others
  • Work Behaviours
  • Self – Regulation
Individual Occupational Skills Plan (IOSP)

IOSP is a competency based assessment tool used for all DSS students to is to facilitate training support and accommodation required at the workplace. This also facilitates selection for Work Experience Programme (WEP), job matching and provision of further certification.IOSP allows evidence-based information to be gathered through the observation of the students’ work behaviours. Feedback on their work experience are also attained from multiple sources such as site supervisors or colleagues. This allows students to be empowered as they reflect on their work performance.


School Information

Phone +65 6276 3818
Fax +65 6468 3608
Principal Mr Subash Lazar
Address 3 Choa Chu Kang Grove
Singapore 688237

School Achievements


Delta Senior School’s Horticulture Sensory Garden was awarded the Garden of the Year award under NParks’ Community in Bloom (CIB) Awards 2023. The CIB Awards recognises excellence in gardening efforts by community groups. This encourages community gardeners to improve the horticulture and outreach standards of their gardens, while continuing to enjoy gardening as a fun, healthy and inclusive activity.


Won the KAORU STAR RAFT Award for the project Gift for an Inclusive Society – Empowering through School and Community Collaboration at the 25th Asian Federation on Intellectual Disabilities in Nov 2021.

Achieved three Platinum bandings in the category of Educational Institutions and awarded the Diamond Award at the Community in Bloom (CIB) initiative organised by National Parks Board in Jun 2021.


Won the MOE-NCSS Innovation – Commendation Award in September for the project “Plant Guided Walks Conducted by Horticulture Students”. The guides for these walks are conducted none other than the horticulture students themselves allowing them to explore new career opportunities while changing misconceptions of what horticulture entails.

Ms Tan Mei Sze Michelle, HOD of Fitness and Health Department received the MOE-NCSS Outstanding SPED Teacher – Commendation Award in recognition of her outstanding contributions as a SPED teacher at APSN Delta Senior School.


Achieved the Vanda Miss Joaquim Award in the Singapore Environment Council – StarHub School Green Awards (SGA) in November 2019.

DSS Project I’m Digital Plus – I’m Digitally Ready For Our Future Economy & Society, won the Digital Participation Pledge (DPP) Award on 5 Nov 2019. The DPP is the nation’s highest accolade for organisations who champion the digital readiness movement. It aims to provide recognition to Singapore-based organisations who exemplify the spirit of corporate citizenship, digital readiness and empower employees and customers to embrace the digital future.


Achieved the Vanda Miss Joaquim Award and the Best 3R Award in the Singapore Environment Council – StarHub School Green Awards (SGA) in November 2018.

Won the Special Mention for Community Outreach and successfully sustained the Platinum Award in the category of Educational Institutions for the Community in Bloom (CIB) initiative organised by National Parks Board in Jun 2018.

Won the MOE-NCSS Innovation Award in September for its programme “I Am Ready For Life” which adopted a multi-prong approach to weave the knowledge, skills and attributes required to achieve the Living, Learning & Working (LLW) outcomes into the existing numeracy curriculum so as to better prepare students for life.

Won the MOE-NCSS Innovation – Commendation Award in September for the project “Food Composting for a Sustainable Future”, a collaboration between Green Ambassador Club, Horticulture and Food & Beverage departments. Our students has learned to use the handy equipment “Smart Cara” – a machine that grinds, dehydrates and filters odour to reduce food waste of up to 90%. In simple terms Smart Cara converts food waste into compost. This in turn can used as a soil enhancer and fertilizer, which is chemical-free, rich in nutrients and is cost effective too. This food recycling project has taught our students the importance and benefits of using energy saving equipment and the importance of conserving natural resources such as water, minerals, as well as reduction in the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators.

Mrs Deivanai Surendran, HOD of Literacy Department received the MOE-NCSS Outstanding SPED Teacher – Commendation Award in recognition of her outstanding contributions as a SPED teacher at APSN Delta Senior School.


Achieved the Kaoru Star Raft Award on 19 Nov 2017 at AFID Conference for “Empowering Students and Engaging the Community”

StarHub School Green Awards (SGA) in November 2017

Singapore Book of Records – Largest Single Cardboard Structure with a diameter of 5.0m and 3.0m high in the school on 28 July 2017.

Launch of the D20 Festival featuring the school Heritage Wall, Project D20 exhibits – 20 unique, meaningful and creative work produced by our students, musical and dance performance to commemorate the school 20th Anniversary on 8 July 2017.


Lotus Award in the Singapore Environment Council

Won the NCSS-MOE Innovation Award in September for its programme Enhancing Transition Curriculum

Received Commendation for NCSS-MOE Innovation for its Team-based Learning Project

Won the Platinum Award and the Excellence Award for Best New Community Garden in the category of Educational Institutions


Accredited by WDA to deliver courses under the Retail Operations framework on 29 Jun 2015.

Undergone the Business Excellence (BE) renewal assessment conducted by SPRING Singapore on 20 Nov 2014. It has continued to strive for greater heights of excellence on the Business Excellence Journey.


Official opening of Delta Senior School new purpose-built vocational school for special needs by Minister for Education, Mr Heng Swee Kiat.


Launch WSQ Retail Operations training in collaboration with Singapore Institute of Retail Studies (SIRS). Authentic retail store cum classroom learning facility was setup in Delta Senior School courtesy of GIANT Singapore Pte Ltd sponsorship.

Student Achievements

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