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Established in 1976, Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN) is a social service agency providing special education for persons with mild intellectual disability (IQ 50-70). Today, APSN operates four Special Education (SPED) Schools (APSN Chaoyang School, APSN Katong School, APSN Tanglin School and APSN Delta Senior School) for students aged 7 to 21, an APSN Student Care Centre for children aged 7 to 18 and an APSN Centre for Adults for persons aged 16 and older, benefiting over 1,200 beneficiaries each year.

The APSN Schools and Centre adopt a holistic approach in its curriculum, comprising academic, vocational and social skills, which are important for open employment and lifelong learning. APSN seeks to enable persons with special needs to be active contributors of the society and is committed to inspire and build capabilities of its partners and community to lead and advocate an inclusive society.

To date, APSN’s growing database has more than 5,000 beneficiaries, comprising students, trainees and alumni. The Association is constantly expanding its network to reach out to and understand the needs of its members to better support them.

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Address: 900 New Upper Changi Road, Singapore 467354

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Press Releases & Annoucements

Press Releases
Talent solutions agency Hudson trains persons with special needs in interview, CV skills

16 September 2019

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SKECHERS takes a walk in persons with special needs’ shoes

31 August 2019

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Talent and Tenacity unite at APSN’s 6th Charity Dinner

2 August 2019

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APSN beneficiaries showcase their abilities, tenacity and employability at Charity Dinner

23 July 2019

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Accor partners with APSN to create job opportunities and training for persons with special needs

4 July 2019

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Mount Alvernia Hospital partners APSN to provide medical and dental care for persons with special needs

1 July 2019

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VMware Ideas Hackathon - to make the country more inclusive for persons with special needs

2 May 2019

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Inclusive Café Serves up full-course meals for its 2nd Anniversary this Valentine’s Day

7 February 2019

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APSN and ASTONS Seal the Deal to form Halal-certified Enterprise

4 October 2018

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Mixing Virtual and Augmented Reality into the SPED Experience

21 September 2018

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First of its Kind Training in Building & Facilities Services for PWIDs

16 July 2018

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National Athletes Pledge support for Persons with Special Needs

1 March 2018

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Music Gives Back 2! Supports Inclusion For Persons With Special Needs

8 December 2017

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APSN Chaoyang School Takes Its First Step To Its New Premise

8 November 2017

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APSN Celebrates Inclusiveness in This Year’s Charity Dinner

8 September 2017

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Special Needs School Collaborates With Built Environment Sector To Build Largest Cardboard Structure In Singapore

28 July 2017

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APSN To Hold First Of Its Kind Fundraising Event Titled 'The Social Fairground', To Promote Inclusivity For People With Special Needs

14 June 2017

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APSN celebrates 40th Anniversary by launching a series of new Social Enterprise initiatives

28 June 2016

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APSN raised more than $300,000 at Gala Dinner 2015

6 August 2015

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Incident At Giant IMM On 28 April 2018

30 April 2018

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Fraud Alert of Unauthorised Solicitation

7 December 2017

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Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN) continues to champion its cause in the special needs community with the appointment of a New President

2 October 2017

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APSN Official Statement on the Key Announcements at SPED Conference 2016

7 November 2016

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Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN) Official Statement on the Proposed Enabling Masterplan 3

23 December 2016

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