Volunteers’ Appreciation Day


On 16 April 2015, APSN hosted the Volunteers’ Appreciation Day to express our heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers that have helped us during our APSN CFA Flag Day 2015.

The volunteers were treated to watch the showdown between Geylang International FC and Brunei DPMM FC on the home ground at Bedok stadium. The night was filled with cheers and anticipation as we watched our home grown Geylang International boys fighting passionately against their opposition. Plagues were given out to the schools that had sent out the highest number of volunteers in assisting us during the Flag Day. The lucky draw was also the highlight of the night as all of us looked at each of our ticket numbers hoping to strike the first prize. Once again, we at APSN would like to thank every volunteer for making APSN CFA Flag Day a huge success. We could not have done it without you guys.












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