TODAY: Barista Thanks Mentor who Helped Her Grind Out a Career

In line with Teacher’s Day, APSN Job Coach, Ms Rosnah and APSN Delta Senior School Graduate, Ms Fatin were featured on TODAY online and print.

The story showcases Ms Rosnah’s instrumental role in the development of her student and how she has gone out of the way to help Fatin adjust to life changes such as employment, helping her be better prepared for life as an independent adult.

Ms Fatin said: “My time at McCafe definitely taught me to be more patient. I know how to settle issues now, and I’ve made more friends. I’m a very negative person, but Ms Rosnah helped me to stay positive. “ Since Fatin’s graduation from APSN DSS two years ago, she has embarked on her barista career at McDonald’s McCafe and social enterprise Bettr Barista Coffee Academy, living her dream of making latte art designs.

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