School Achievements


  • Achieved the Vanda Miss Joaquim Award and the Best 3R Award in the Singapore Environment Council – StarHub School Green Awards (SGA) in November 2018.
  • Won the Special Mention for Community Outreach and successfully sustained the Platinum Award in the category of Educational Institutions for the Community in Bloom (CIB) initiative organised by National Parks Board in Jun 2018.
  • Won the MOE-NCSS Innovation Award in September for its programme “I Am Ready For Life” which adopted a multi-prong approach to weave the knowledge, skills and attributes required to achieve the Living, Learning & Working (LLW) outcomes into the existing numeracy curriculum so as to better prepare students for life.
  • Won the MOE-NCSS Innovation - Commendation Award in September for the project “Food Composting for a Sustainable Future”, a collaboration between Green Ambassador Club, Horticulture and Food & Beverage departments. Our students has learned to use the handy equipment “Smart Cara” – a machine that grinds, dehydrates and filters odour to reduce food waste of up to 90%. In simple terms Smart Cara converts food waste into compost. This in turn can used as a soil enhancer and fertilizer, which is chemical-free, rich in nutrients and is cost effective too. This food recycling project has taught our students the importance and benefits of using energy saving equipment and the importance of conserving natural resources such as water, minerals, as well as reduction in the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators.
  • Mrs Deivanai Surendran, HOD of Literacy Department received the MOE-NCSS Outstanding SPED Teacher – Commendation Award in recognition of her outstanding contributions as a SPED teacher at APSN Delta Senior School.



  • Achieved the Kaoru Star Raft Award on 19 Nov 2017 at AFID Conference for “Empowering Students and Engaging the Community” by the Character and Citizenship Education department.
  • Sustained the Lotus Award in the Singapore Environment Council – StarHub School Green Awards (SGA) in November 2017
  • Singapore Book of Records -  in celebration of Youth Day a new Singapore record was set for the Largest Single Cardboard Structure with a diameter of 5.0m and 3.0m high in the school on 28 July 2017.
  • Launch of the D20 Festival featuring the school Heritage Wall, Project D20 exhibits – 20 unique, meaningful and creative work produced by our students, musical and dance performance to commemorate the school 20th Anniversary on 8 July 2017.



  • Achieved the Lotus Award in the Singapore Environment Council – StarHub School Green Awards (SGA) in November 2016 through the students’ innovative environmental project and the school participation with ITE College West in recycling programme to promote Singapore’s sustainability.
  • Won the MOE-NCSS Innovation Award in September for its programme Enhancing Transition Curriculum to prepare the Transition Programme students to be work ready. The curriculum comprises of a newly created module of Work Skills Training Curriculum, Customized Work Related Behaviours Videos and Integrated Learning Journeys for Students and Their Parents/Caregivers.
  • Received Commendation for MOE-NCSS Innovation for its Team-based Learning Project which adopted the flipped classroom approach to customize the learning according to students’ abilities and help them to learn collaboratively in teams and develop social skills.
  • Won the Platinum Award and the Excellence Award for Best New Community Garden in the category of Educational Institutions for the Community in Bloom (CIB) initiative organised by National Parks Board in Jun 2016.



  • Accredited by WDA to deliver courses under the Retail Operations framework on 29 Jun 2015.
  • Undergone the Business Excellence (BE) renewal assessment conducted by SPRING Singapore on 20 Nov 2014. It has continued to strive for greater heights of excellence on the Business Excellence Journey. Having met and exceeded the BE requirements, we have been recognised for our high standards of performance through our successful certification and have been awarded the Singapore Quality Class Star (SQC STAR) on 31 Mar 2015 instead of the SQC award.



Official opening of Delta Senior School new purpose-built vocational school for special needs by Minister for Education, Mr Heng Swee Kiat.


Launch WSQ Retail Operations training in collaboration with Singapore Institute of Retail Studies (SIRS). Authentic retail store cum classroom learning facility was setup in Delta Senior School courtesy of GIANT Singapore Pte Ltd sponsorship.


Won the MOE-NCSS Innovation Award for its programme on Quality Employability Skills Series for Special Education Outcomes at Delta Senior School.


  • Won the MOE-NCSS Innovation Award in recognition of the Differentiated, Strategic, Innovative and Synergistic DSS-Employer Partnership framework.
  • Awarded Singapore Quality Class (SQC) by SPRING Singapore.
  • Accredited by (ICDL) International Computer Driving Licence as an Approved Test Centre for ICDL Base Modules.



  • Endorsed by MOE as the 1st Vocational School for Special Needs in Singapore.
  • Won the MOE-NCSS Innovation Award for its CBDTA Model (Competency-based Developmental Training and Assessment).



Accredited by WDA (Workforce Development Agency) as an In-house ATO (Approved Training Organisation) for WSQ training and assessment.