Equipping Individuals with Learning Disabilities

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Many individuals with learning disabilities are now better equipped with vocational and communication skills to help them better integrate into society. In News 5 Tonight and CNA Singapore Tonight, several organisations which included APSN, Tinkle Arts, and Bliss Restaurants were featured for their instrumental efforts towards these individuals.

In particular, APSN showcased its programmes which help their trainees pursue careers in both traditional and niche industries. Role-playing is also encouraged to teach students how to ask for help. Not only do students undergo vocational training, they are also taught to be vocal.

Dr Christopher Tay (APSN CEO) also shared, “We traditionally do the more repetitive, sheltered kind of programmes, so we have progressed and now we’re going into multi-faceted programmes for example building maintenance, logistics, and photography even. So new sectors for the students at APSN to explore, as vocational and vocal skills continue to be the key focus.”

You may also view it online from here  and here.

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