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When given the opportunity and in a suitable environment, persons with special needs are also capable of working and leading fulfilling lives.

At the beginning, it may be difficult and challenging for them, but with motivation and encouragement, they can also execute tasks given to them. Three Social Service Organisations- APSN, Metta and MINDS, were featured in this Berita Harian article for empowering persons with special needs with training and employment opportunities.

APSN Centre for Adults (CFA) Trainee Muhaimin shared his journey one year on after working in the APSN Mystical Café and how he has transitioned from being a shy and low confident individual to an independent worker. Today, he can prepare various dishes in the kitchen and is able to interact with customers.

APSN CFA Trainer and Deputy Centre Director, Ms Suriani and Mr Philip Li also added on to share their roles and how APSN CFA provides a safe and authentic environment to enable persons with special needs to be active contributors to the society.

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