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A new award was introduced in this year’s Lee Kuan Yew Exemplary Student Award to recognise the achievements of students with special needs. On 17th August 2017, 20 students from government-funded special education schools were commended for their successes in becoming exemplary role models.

A total of 4 APSN Students received the award from Minister Ong Ye Kung, Minister for Education (Higher Education and Skills) at Singapore University of Technology and Design. They are Suhairi Bin Suhani and Praventharan s/o Rajandran from APSN Delta Senior School (DSS), Muhammad Raziq Bin Azran from APSN Tanglin School (TS), Tee Xiao Ying from APSN Chaoyang School (CYS) and Muhammad Solehan Hamid from APSN Katong School (KS).

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APSN Delta Senior School Students Praven and Suhairi with Principal, Mdm Aslinah, and their job coaches.

DSS Principal, Mdm Aslinah, and their job coaches, together with the awardees’ parents, attended the award presentation ceremony to witness the proud and joyous moment. Both Suhairi and Praven were selected among students of all levels in DSS for their exemplary performance in the areas of academics, internships and sports achievements. The two student awardees were not only excited, but honoured and proud to have been chosen for this prestigious award. They are now looking forward be a role model for their juniors.

Raziq with Mother and Form Teacher

APSN Tanglin School Student, Muhammad Raziq, with his Mother (left) and Form Teacher, Ms Araxes Ang (right).

Muhammad Raziq was nominated in recognition of his achievements in sports, excellent academic results and exemplary leadership qualities. As the Head Prefect, Captain of the Tanglin Swim Team and Vice-Captain of the Floorball and Football teams, Muhammad Raziq leads by example through his strong sense of responsibility and passion for sports. In developing self-reliance and perseverance, Raziq clocked in more than 15 hours of community service, has embarked on several adventurous journeys and outdoor camps, acquired the skills to design paracord bracelets and attained more than 50 hours of physical and recreational activities. He is working towards the National Youth Achievement Award.

Raziq’s leadership qualities, excellent academic results and sporting achievements are reflective of an exemplary student. The values and strong work ethic that Raziq embraces would propel him to generate new opportunities and cultivate innovative expertise as he continues to maximize his talents and potential to the fullest.


APSN Katong School student, Muhammad Solehan Hamid, was featured for his achievement in school. In the Berita Harian publication, Solehan also shared about his achievements in sports, academic, interests and dream. As a prefect in KS, he sets exemplary examples for his peers to follow.  He has demonstrated resilience and passion in roles and responsibilities he undertook. With his strong determination and drive to succeed, Solehan will continue to strive towards achieving his goals.

The online article can be read here.



APSN Chaoyang School Student, Tee Xiao Ying with her family, teachers and Principal, Mrs Angela Lee.

Chaoyang School nominated Tee Xiao Ying for the Exemplary Student Award 2017 in recognition of her notable demonstration of independence and work readiness capacity as well as leadership qualities and exemplary behaviour.

Xiao Ying has done exceptionally well in her academic as well as in the area of performance. Last year, she achieved her Individual Educational Plans in terms of Literacy, Numeracy and Life skills. Xiao Ying also enjoys participating in various activities such as reading of storybook to her level after recess once a month. She is also the group leader and points scorer in class. She shows leadership quality and takes pride in her CCA, choir and has performed at various functions such as the Uomo Action Event @ Shoppes MBS, APSN Gala Dinner, the S-League Soccer match and the Sped conference. Her active participation and numerous external performances is truly praiseworthy.

Her significant development to a highly independent and confident individual has won the hearts of many who have known her struggles. Her ability to be the diamond in the rough speaks volumes of her determination to do well in all that she sets out to achieve. She has also received many awards in school such as the Model Pupil Award for Harmony and Resilience, The STAR award and the Functional Academic Award for Literacy in her level. Xiao Ying definitely portrays herself well as a Chaoyang gem and the school is very proud of Xiao Yang’s receipt of the award as she is a good example to other pupils in the school.

Congratulations to all Award Winners!

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