Government putting aside up to $100 million to VWOS for improving operations and professional skills upgrade

Photo credit: Zaobao

Photo credit: Zaobao

In the coming 5 years, the Government and Tote Board will be investing up to $100 million to support VWOs in building professional and organisational capabilities.

The VWO-Charities Capability Fund (VCF) can be used to apply for the Professional Capability Grant, Organisational Development Grant and Innovation and Productivity Grant.

MSF Minister Tan Chuan-Jin announced in parliament that this funding will be opened to those VWOs who are registered under NCSS.

He also mentioned the ways VWOS can use the funds individually or collaborate with other VWOs and share the funds for joint projects.

More info will be announced on NCSS website and in a month’s time.

APSN tapped on the VCF Innovation and Productivity Grant to develop a Student Management System to help our schools to reduce school administrative workload and help the teachers to focus more on their teaching.

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