By Your Side 谢谢你不离不弃



Channel 8: By Your Side (谢谢你不离不弃) is a weekly 45-minute series to feature caregivers with the right attitude and mindset. They have changed for the better not only for themselves, but also for the receivers of their care.

This episode tells the heart-warming tale of APSN Centre for Adults Trainee Priscilla Tay and her family. When Priscilla was in kindergarten, Mr Tay did not understand why she would not follow instructions from her teachers. She could not sit still for a long period of time, was easily distracted, and would distract others. Priscilla was eventually diagnosed with hyperactivity and mild intellectual disability. Mr Tay and everyone in the family, had to learn and relearn what it meant to be a parent and sibling to a child with special needs. He has to learn to be more flexible with his rules and to be more participatory, simply because the whole process of working with a special needs person is just more involved. He advocates healthy conversations and dialogue with other parents and members of the public on helping people with special needs, to create awareness and share his belief that even if you have a child with special needs, you should not give up on him.

APSN Centre for Adults’ premises, which included the training bakery room and retail lab, were also featured in the video from 2:40” to 3:54”, showcasing the day-to-day learning tasks which Priscilla engages in.

The full video can be viewed here.

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