About Intellectual Disability

Some key information about mild intellectual disability

Persons with mild intellectual disability generally have a measured IQ level of around 50 -70, with concurrent significant limitations in adaptive behaviour as expressed in conceptual/ social/practical adaptive skills.

Other terms previously used in Singapore were “educationally subnormal” and “mildly mentally retarded”.

There are no distinguishing physical features that characterize mild intellectual disability.

However, intellectual disability is also a feature of some medical conditions like Down Syndrome, Prader-Willi Syndrome and Williams Syndrome which do manifest certain distinguishing physical traits.

Persons with mild intellectual disability are capable of developing a range of competency levels in skills needed for adaptation in the community eg. basic self help, functional academics, social interaction, communication and vocational skills.

Persons with mild intellectual disability may sometimes need extra help to address issues that get in the way of their progress, eg psychiatric symptoms and disorders, difficulty with sensory motor skills or social skills etc.

In addition to special education and vocational training, the following will go a long way in supporting the evolution/maintenance of dignified, fulfilling and independent lives for our clients: companionship and belonging, daily structure, a listening ear and sensitive feedback, a balance between work and recreation, the opportunity/guidance to make significant life choices and decisions.

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