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Telecast at 11.15am on weekdays, 新世代芯声 – 人物采访 is an ongoing radio programme hosted by Ee Sim (高逸芯) on Capital 95.8FM. Each week, Ee Sim interviews an inspiring individual to find out more about their life stories and how he or she has impacted the community and society.

In this week’s 5-part interview (Monday to Friday), Mr Seah Eng Siong (APSN CFA Job Coach) shared about his role as a job coach in APSN, as well as the success stories of his trainees.
Click the links below for the audio clips:

Part 1 (27 Nov):

Part 2 (28 Nov):

Part 3 (29 Nov):

Part 4 (30 Nov):

Part 5 (1 Dec):

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